"BAMBOO" - the client bought these images from a stock agency and we used them to make a design for two small kitchen walls.




'COMBINED FRESH FRUIT' - fresh fruit is not only healthy, tastes fantastic but it's a great treat for the eyes! Take a look at the results for Steve's kitchen in Belgium.  Besides the fruit we also created a design with pots and pans for his kitchen and a splashback with water drops for the bathroom.




'LONDON HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT "- one of  the most characteristics views of London with Big Ben in the background.




'RECIPES' - our customer was a family from Germany who wanated to have ALL their favourite family recipes near at hand!  They never had to look them up again!



'SPILLED HERBS & SPICES' - Klara and Alexander were looking for something colourful for their kitchen and found these images on Shutterstock which we created a design out of.



"GLASS BOTTLES '- Caroline from the UK saw this image one of our previous pages and wanted it straight away!




'FRESH FIGS' - we photographed these on soft silk paper to emphasis the contrast in colours of the figs and then positioned them exactly where Elena from Denmark wanted them to sit.



'TWISTED LINES' - we could have drawn the lines to the end of each side of the splashback but the customer liked the look with them stopping short of the ends.


'ALMOND BLOSSOM' by van Gogh - it doesnt have to be a photo, it can be a reproduction of a painting.