'POPPY SOMNIFERUM' - for Jo from Maastricht. We adjusted the design to a work around the corners and the plugs and sockets.






'APPLE PIE' - why not try your own recipe?



"CHERRY ORCHARD" - the Netherlands. With  the variation between the sharpness and the blur, this picture gives a nice depth effect to your kitchen splashback.



'Bon Appetit' - simple and contemporary




"BARCODE" - how about something totally out of the box!




"ELBA" - a sea vista in black and white is not too prominent but gives a special vibe to your kitchen. 



'GREEK SALAD' - bringing a touch of Greece to your kitchen. 



 'HOME COOKED MEALS "-the hot typography turns your kitchen into a real part of the home.




"HOT CHOCOLATE" - rough pieces of dark chocolate with lashings of cream, created to make your mouth water!




"TILED MOSAIC" - would you like to have colorful tiles on your splashback but do not want to have the cleaning That comes with them? This is your solution!





'POTS & PANS' - the client wanted to have some red in the picture.




"SUSHI" - looks great on it's own or with a light text on the background.


"FLOWERS" - your choose the color and theme, we'll find something That fits with your design ideas.