'NATURE IN YOUR KITCHEN' - Diane contacted us, she lives on a farm surrounded by nature and she wanted to take that back to nature feeling and continue it on into her house.  



'PEONIES' - there were some emailing backwards and forwards until Gea found the perfect picture for her kitchen splashback.  In the end she chose this from Shutterstock.


'ROOM WITH A VIEW' - ordered for Peters Kitchen Interiors. Something a little different that was set off perfectly by the lighting installed in the kitchen.



'GAZPACHO' - we customise every design, that's why the proportions are always different and because we have to take into account corners and sockets, we constantly have to be creative with the format of the design. For Robert we chose to separate the ingredients and spread them over a big wall and blurred parts of the image to get a beautiful effect.


'GUACAMOLE' - green, smooth and delicious. The design is for one of the five parts of Sergey's kitchen and on the other parts we placed the actual ingredients in separate images.  The whole effect created a fabulous vision as you walked into the kitchen.



'WATERLINE' - for Davy's kitchen. Simple, clean and fresh. The picture is usable for up to 520cm without repetition!



'VINTAGE PATTERN' - Raymond sawy this design on our preview page where we sometimes post ideas that we are working on at the time. In his kitchen there were two opposite walls with small sidewalls and below we used this pattern to cover them.



'POTS & PANS "- Mariska had a high and low part on her kitchen wall. We customized the designs So THAT it would fit in both areas and now She has a big set of pans by the stove and a narrower set next to the tap!




'SINGLE RED CHILLY' - Nadia wanted a single red chilly pepper on her kitchen.