"ORCHIDS & BUTTERFLIES '- we found this image on Shutterstock but as it didnt have the right proportions for the area it was going in, we customized it to fit.




'GRAPEFRUIT SPLASH' - we took different images of a grapefruit and then combined them into a customised design for Anja's kitchen in Denmark.



'CRUNCH VEGETABLES' - Dirk and Esme found this picture on A picture of pure health!



'ISTANBUL' - Mustafa was looking for an evening shot of the Bosphorus in Istanbul. We found this one on available in high resolution for a large format print onto a splashback.



'JORDAN' - Anne-Marieke took some beautiful images of Jordan on her vacation so we created this panorama out of a selection of them for her.



'PASTA' - Erik and Lisette already had a clear idea of what they wanted, a picture combined with text and for the second wall in their kitchen they chose our fresh green herbs design.



'SPOONFUL OF FRUIT' - Annelies made a sketch of how she wanted her splashback to look and based on the sketch we combined our fruit designs so that everything was nicely spread over the walls.



'OLD RAILWAY STATION' - our customer wanted something a little different for her splashback design and she lived next to an old railway station so we designed this with the old clock and wording to fit with the character of her location.



'BRASILIAN RAINFOREST' - Mary and Peter wanted something that was based on a Brasilian rainforest theme. We created this splashback with several different images.