'GAZPACHO' - we photographed the different ingredients separately and grouped together and then compiled this design to fit with our customers ideas.



'GECKO' - Sabine from Germany lives in Greece and likes to spot geckos on the walls and stones. She wanted one on her own kitchen wall!



'ABSTRACT' - Mulika from the UK wanted something completely abstract but with lots of colour. She found this image from and we changed the colours to suit her decor.



"SYDNEY BRIDGE '- ordered by Jessica from the Netherlands who wanted a touch of Australia in her kitchen!



'CIRCLES' - this is great design to apply to walls in any kitchen. Lobke from Belgium already knew exactly what she wanted so we designed this pattern for her.



'HOT & SPICY' - Sue from the UK wanted to add a touch of hot and spicy to her kitchen so what better than this image that we found on



'RULES' - Petri HAS certainement kitchen rules and wanted to share them with her guests and That way everybody who uses her kitchen knows the rules.




'TUNNEL' - ordered by Ralf from Germany who found this image on and his kitchen now has beautiful depth with the lines converging in the background.



'LEMON SPLASH' - a lot is possible with this design. We have oranges, grapefruits, apples, strawberries - you name it! We can combine them all if you want to bring that freshness to your kitchen!



'HONESTY PODS' - Ivonne wanted to an image that we could customise to fit perfectly around all the kitchen cabinets. 





'CHALKBOARD' - This image from Shutterstock wasnt quite right for Sarike's kitchen so we customised the image to fit perfectly. It gives a slighly vintage look and because of all the different elements, everytime you look at it, you see something different!