'CAR' - this was an image sent to us by a customer of Their own car. Do you have one of your own images That You'd love to use in a kitchen splashback design? Then have a look at our own image / idea page, for some useful guidelines.


'RED POPPIES "- this design Has A beautiful depth in it, with the focus being on the flowers in the front.




'COLOURED GLASSES' - this design was requested so as to add some more color to a kitchen in Germany.



'DOLCE VITA' - a design provided by one of our customers That we alsohave  permission to use and edit. Would it look good in your kitchen?



"RAIN DROPS '- this image comes from . We've copied parts of the original image to make it Suitable for the large size of the splash back and by alte ring some of the obvious continuing parts, you can barely notice the image HAS BEEN 'stitched' together. 


TIME FOR TEA "- a design for a large flat wall with height differences and sockets on the back wall. These are Indicated by the gray squares and shows you exactly what the results in your kitchen will look like.  We've positioned the images to fit perfectly the kitchen!



"Eilean Donan'- this stunning view of the famous Scottish castle will feature in a kitchen in Germany, custom designed, created and shipped to Germany all within three weeks. That's how long it takes to Pimp Your Kitchen with Such a fabulous eye-catcher !



'ROYAL ORANGE "- the design or thesis orange gerberas gives the impression thatthey are leaping out of the benchtop!




"STORM CLOUDS" - a stunning image from , this is a specially selected image from an exclusive collection. A unique view to have in your kitchen! Through our own image / idea page you can ask for a quote if you found the That image you like. We will show you the possibilities and will calculate the costs.



"SLICED PEARS '- a very healthy image from . You  can see the strength of repetition in this image. If an image is isolated on white, we can easily repeat it. This way you only need to use one image and still cover the entire area.




'SAMBEL ULEK' - a variation on our Seabass & Samphire design. Do you have a favourite recipe and are curious to see what we can make of it?




'APPLES' - this is a special design, put together on request of one of our customers. We have not added it to our range of designs yet but if you would still like to order it, send us an email!



"FLOWING RIVER" - a wonderful image from . One  of our english customers thought it was perfect for his kitchen! 



'PORT FAIRY LIGHT HOUSE' - this image of the lighthouse in Australia come from and was ordered by one of our german customers.



"BLUEBERRIES, BLACKBERRIES & RASBERRIES' - again an image from for one of our german customers. We've copied and mirrored the image, to be able to cover the entire area with the same image. 




'CAPPUCCINO' - this one is for some coffee lovers in Belgium who found this image on which we have edited to match their sizes and areas in their kitchen.