"BLUEBERRIES" - piles of fresh fruit stacked on your benchtop. This one was for a customer in Germany.



"BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE '- a variation on our recipe design. The image comes from istockphoto .com and the recipe was oversupplied to us by the customer.



"BREAKISH'- this panoramic image stretches so far That we can use it for a kitchen splashback measuring about 500 centimeters long without having to repeat it and at the sametime Maintaining it's photographic quality!



"GERBERAS IN THE GRASS" - an image from istockphoto . We used this image as a base and edited it to match the kitchen with the height differences and allo wing for the window sill. 



"GIRAFFE" - an own image presented to us by our customer. W e've freshened up the colors and removed some dirt here and there to make the giraffe stand out nicely. 



"FINEST HERBS '- this splashback was designed to go on three connecting walls with the blue lines indicating the corners. 




Kitchen splashback design: Poppies in the field, an image from istockphoto . We've copied the image and adjusted the blue sky, this way it continues across the wall. The sockets are Indicated by the gray squares. 



"PURPLE DELIGHT." - Beautiful purple orchids combined with the logo or the flower shop That the splashback is for IT is possible to Incorporate your logo or company name into the splashback design.



"ANDALUSIAN HORSES '- two beautiful Andalusian horse images from .





'RED ONIONS' - always a tasty Addition to any meal!




'COLOURFUL STRIPES' - designs created for one of our Swiss customers.



'STRIPES' - another variation of the theme Stripes. This one just made ??it into a British magazine article. W e can adapt the color scheme to match your favorite colors!



"AZULEJOS '- our handcrafted portuguese tiles.



'SIGN POSTS' - I'm not sure if the miles will be right in your kitchen if you do not live in Key West, the image comes from .



'SUNFLOWERS' - an illustration found on