"DISHES" - simple but effective here. Here it is used without text, but it can look great with text as well.



"LEMON DROPS '- fresh, bright and contemporary. See how the socket positions for this kitchen are Indicated with the gray squares but do not ruin the image?



"CLOCKS" - breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is a design one of our customers created herself.



"HOLIDAY BEACH MEMORIES." - Do you have a good holiday memory or a special beach you get used to Why not enjoy That memory and view in your kitchen every day and wake up happy! If you do not have a high quality image, then take a look on istockphoto. com. 



"STACKED TREES" - you can have as many tree stumps as you can fit on your splashback or just a few if you prefer.




'GRAND CANYON' - this istockphoto image runs on two connecting walls. Since the image was shorter than the length of the walls combined, we have extended the image to make it fit over the entire kitchen wall. 



PETS '- we all know that pets can be curious, Especially When It concerns food! Imagine them staring at you Those big eyes while you are working at your kitchen bench!




'PESTO' - an image, combined with a recipe and text. What's your favorite recipe? Email us your signature dish and we will put something together for you that makes you go wow!




'GRAND Dessert Grand Dessert, we can change the amount and the height of the bottles, so thatthey align with your kitchen worktop.



"WOLFSBARSCH '- as you can see, we have translated this into german. Wherever we can, we will find a way of adjusting our designs to your personal preferences.



Kitchen splashback design: Yellow Meadow, we have flipped the design for this kitchen, to fit better with the extractor hood position.



'KITCHEN PARTS. "- We make every design for each individual kitchen and to custom size . For this image, we can change the colored squares to One That You Specify and matches the color scheme of your kitchen If you want it without any color, that's possible too!  



"INDONESIAN RICE FIELD" - another image from chosen by one of our customers.



"MUSTARD GREEN '- maybe you do not want an image but just a colorful splash back to meet your decor color theme. We can create this for you.



'BLOSSOM' - a combination of our blossom image and a personal choice or text. If you have a quote or a sentence That Means something to you, let us know and we will see how we can Incorporate it into your design.