Kitchen splashback design:. Cows, an own image tat was sent to us , we've used special software to enlarge the image without losing too much quality. Curious to see if we can use your image (s) for a splashback design? See our own image / idea page , for some useful guidelines. You can always send us an email!



Kitchen splashback design: Vintage Cassette, one of our personal favorites! Donna Summer, David Bowie, all classics on your kitchen back wall! See the gray square on the design? This is where the socket will be, you can cut out the space yourself When installing the splashback. We do not print this square on the actual design, it is only used to show you where it will be.



Kitchen splashback design: From several at at images from the Dutch city of Amersfoort, we have put together this continuous design. It has Become a unique view on the city and a wonderful scenery to look out on in a kitchen!



Kitchen splashback design: This retro design comes from our preview page. There we show different Ideas that we are working on. Sometimes thesis ideas get promoted to our designs page, but They Can already be ordered! If you are looking for a vintage style in your home, this design would be a perfect match!



Kitchen splashback design: Empire State View, look out over this capitol of the world, straight from your kitchen. Do not underestimate the detail in this image, you can see the yellow cabs driving through the streets! 




Kitchen splashback design: Blueprints, a very special design! If you happen to have the original blueprints of your house, you can show That on your kitchen back wall! This is one of the two Designs That we've made ??like this.



Kitchen splashback design: A series of images from seagulls! If you have Images that fit together, but can not be stitched? We can show them together to make a nice design thatmakes sense. This gives you a unique and personal design, fit for your kitchen! Want to use your own images? See our own image / idea page , for some useful guidelines. You can also send us an email!



Kitchen splashback design: Hard to choose between our designs Because you like them all in some cases we can combine images! See how how we combine our Strawberry Splash and Lemon Drops designs for this splashback for two connecting walls?




Kitchen splashback design: If It's Technically possible and if we think the result is still nice, we'd be happy to change our designs for you. Our North Sea Coast image is also available in sepia tone. We also have a version where the people on the beach have been kindly requested to leave. So in That version you will only see the beach!



Kitchen splashback design: Everybody loves our white orchids! We can change the background, black, gray or white, whatever fits your kitchen best. We care fully position the image to look good in the kitchen, not too few, not too many. All to Achieve a good balance in the image.



Kitchen splashback design: Puffins! Geert and Marga came to visit us with a question if we could make a special design for them withtheir own image. They've Showed us a variety of images thatthey liked, we've chosen thesis Images that we thought would fit well together. They can now enjoy a great memory of one of Their journeys everyday! 



Kitchen splashback design: Spakenburg, this typical Dutch view was ordered for a kitchen in Germany.



Kitchen splashback design: A creative designs made ??by one of our customers. If you have the skills to create your own design you can certainly have it made ??into a splashback design by us. If you need any tips or guidelines, we are there for you! We will check the quality to make sure the resul ting That it will be worthy to put on your kitchen back wall!