Kitchen splashback design: Brown mushrooms, an image That Monique found on istockphoto , we've altered the image to make it fit seemlessly over the entire length of the kitchen.



Kitchen splashback design: Yes, this is Jersey indeed! A design based on an image taken of a painting on silk. Our laminated splashback material made ??it possible to have this view on the kitchen wall on the worktop. Easy to clean and made ??to fit ! Delivered to the Channel Islands.



Kitchen splashback design: Coffee Time! In stead of the kitchen back wall, this design was ordered to go above the wall at the dining table. A true coffee corner indeed! 



Kitchen splashback design: Autumn red Did you know that we can sometimes edit illustrations.? We can take different elements and recreate them to fit your size or splashback design. To that add your own text and the illustration turns into a unique design for you! for this design we've edited an istockphoto image. As it was square we had to reorganize the elements for a rectangular design.



Kitchen splashback design: "Pure Black and White " this time ordered on a smaller size, to go just behind the hob area. As you can see, we can arrange the flowers to create a fitting design for any size. We will always send you the design for approval, prior to starting the production of your design. This way you will always have the final say, to make sure That the design is exactly how you want it to be!






Kitchen splashback design: Buddhist Wall, almost a classic as it is one of our earliest designs! It remains a colorful image and a great memory to distant travels. This must have been what Jason from Upham, UK was thinking When He ordered this design for his kitchen.



Kitchen splashback design: New York City cabs, who does not know the famous yellow cabs that'll make up the New York City street view? In the black and white or the yellow this image stands out. The image for this design was sent to us by our customers from Neuss, Germany. Do you have an image you'd like to use for your design? You can send it to us, we will check if it can be used for a splashback design.



Kitchen splashback design: Green Apple splashing in water, for this design a single image from istockphoto was used. Playfully arranged around the socket positions. The design is almost 400 cms in length, our laminated splashback material can be rolled up and shipped in a cardboard tube. This Means you can order splashback designs or consider printable lengths in one piece!



Kitchen splashback design: Cappuccino and Ceylon, Marijke HAS BEEN painting as a hobby for years. She had the idea to do something with this for her coffee corner. She sent us some pictures of her work, we were to create a bootable splashback design from them. The images are in the exact spot That She wanted them to go. Never had she thought That would be re- painting on her wall as beautiful as this, she wrote us When She received her splashback at home!



Kitchen splashback design: Herbs and spices, a design created from different istockphoto images. For this design the different images are care fully arranged to cover the splashback design area. When images are isolated on a white background it makes it possible to combine them together. This way you will always have your favorite ingredients at hand in the kitchen!



Kitchen splashback design: Azulejos, did you knowthat the actual tiles That we photographed for this design cover the hall floor of our studio? Axis each tile is a separate image, we can make any combination or synthesis images for your design. You can have only the blue and white ones, or just the ones with red, it's all possible. This Particular splashback design was made ??for Carolyn from the UK.    



Kitchen splashback design: Soto Ayam, Jolen sent us an e-mail explaining her idea of having her alltime favorite recipe as a splashback design. However she could not find an image That matched it. As we had the list of ingredients, we Gathered went shopping and a colorful selection. We set up the studio and created this for her!



Kitchen splashback design: Splashing Orange, fresh and fruity! All information you tell us about your kitchen back wall can be used When creating your custom splash back design. The gray areas indicate height difference and socket positions on the wall. The oranges are fitted nicely thesis around areas. 



Kitchen splashback design: Latte Macchiato, Kitty loved our Hot Chocolate designs, but she preferred Latte Macchiato herself. For sure we could do something with That idea! We combined our own images with a stock photo and there it is; Kitty's Latte Macchiato design.




Kitchen splashback design: Fishes, fishes everywhere! Arnoud had already figured out his designs, goldfishes everywhere, They are almost telling a story! Different images from istockphoto were used to create this design. We Helped him pick the right ones to make sure They all fit together well. 



Kitchen splashback design: White Lilies, this Particular design is in two parts, the flowers are positioned in between the electric sockets. We were asked to keep a certainement space on top free of flowers, this design shows exactly how it will look like in the kitchen.