Kitchen splashback design: Champagne bubbles! Nelleke was looking for a champagne themed designs. For her, we combined three different images and illustrations from istock . A champagne glass, cork and bubbles in the background. Ready to party!



Kitchen splashback design: Crepe du Jour, who does not fancy a stack of pancakes? Another combination of an istock image with text. Notice the light text running along the background, barely visible but it adds depth to the image. 





Kitchen splashback design: Sunny View, Sunshine radiating from your kitchen back wall! These happy yellow flowers make for a pretty display or warm yellow hues. As you can see the gray square indicates the socket position. On our laminated splashback designs you can make the cutout yourself while installing the splashback design onto the wall. 



Kitchen splashback design: This special old map was ordered for a boat, very fitting! We had to edit the image to make sure it fitted on the size tat was needed. The image quality was not optimal, but the result does justice to the original . in case you were wondering what the map shows, you can see the Dutch Wadden Islands in the North Sea!



Kitchen splashback design: Enjoy your Meal and a recipe for Cheese Fondue. That's what this is all about image.



Kitchen splashback design: "Kiwi and more kiwi" one of our earliest design still looks amazing! The detail in this image pops out, makes an excellent feature on your kitchen back wall. 



Kitchen splashback design: Herbs hanging on a rail to dry. We edited this istockphoto image to make it fit nicely on this splashback design. We can use istock images, or even your own images for our designs. We do check to see if the image quality is high enough for a good result. to us it is Important That the splashback design makes a smashing feature in your kitchen! 



Kitchen splashback design: "New Magnolia" in black and white, also in Black and White the strength of this image shows. It May even look better? Whenever we have the information available, we take into consideration the layout of the kitchen and socket positions . We then position the flowers to go around them. in some cases it does more justice to the entire design to ignore a socket, as is the case here. But in the end you have the final say!



Kitchen splashback design: Mojito, one of the most popular cocktails these days. If you enjoy one occasionally, why not order it as a design for your kitchen back wall? The combination of a cocktail and its ingredients is perfect to create a fresh and vibrant designs. If you are up for it you can sketch up your idea, or you can leave it all to us. Send us an email at to submit your idea!



Kitchen splashback design: White Orchids, Wolfgang from Germany ordered this design for his kitchen. He sent us a sketch with the measurements for the back wall, we used That to arrange the flowers.



Kitchen splashback design: Ponte Vecchio, a well known view in Florence. If you have ever been there this will be a lovely memory to your vacation. If you have not visited there yet, surely this view will inspire you to plan a trip there?



Kitchen splashback design: Viande, a combination of three different istockphoto . Images This will tell Rene in one look where his favorite part of meat originates from.    



Kitchen splashback design: What's for dinner? We have made ??many designs with the text "Enjoy your Meal" in different languages. Often we are asked to make the design in the same style as we did earlier. We are happy to do that for you, we but also enjoy using our creativity to come up with something new. That's what we did for Annette's kitchen. She asked us: we'd like to get a quote for a black background with white in a text such as what we eat today? (what's for dinner?) . Together with Annette, we ended up with this design!