Own image / Design Idea

Would you like to use an image from your own collection or do you have an amazing idea for a splashback design? Let us know and we will work out a design especially for your kitchen.


To make a stunning feature behind your worktop, the image must be of a certain quality and resolution. We will check the quality of your images when you send them to us. Due to the special dimensions of the back wall of your kitchen, there are a few ways to create a panoramic design. We've put together some useful tips in this downloadable PDF file.


download PDF


If you do not have high quality images available yourself, we can refer you to www.istockphoto.com. Tell us the image(s) of your preference (by entering the file number(s)), and we will make you a draft design that fits the image to the dimensions of your kitchen splashback. 

When using your own image(s), there may be additional costs for editing the image(s) and/or for purchasing the high-resolution images from the stock site. This will be agreed on upfront.

When pressing on "quote" you can enter all the necessary information and send us the image(s) to be used for your personal kitchen splashback. We will check your image(s) and your idea on useability and will get back to you in short time with a quote and design for your own very original splashback design.